Tuesday, April 2, 2013

One on 1 March Update

Good day to all the fellow One on 1 blog hoppers and friends.  With the first quarter of the year now over, I am pleased to say I am loving how my word Consistency is appearing in my day to day life.

So to start with I have last month's 'homework' - the mood board.   I'm not sure if it was because I only had copies of Weight Watchers, Preventation and Woman's Health to hand to find inspiration but when I looked at the collection of photos it struck me that it was bang on target - health, strength, fitness, peace and positive affirmations.  When I thought about how I would explain this board it felt very personal but then I reflected on how all of these areas affect all of my family - healthy food to promote healthy minds and bodies and tackling  'opportunities' head on, is what we are all experiencing this year.  The children have embraced the healthy food - I won't lie, it did take a while for my teenage boy to come round, but now he is leaner and fitter for it and is quite proud.

I subscribe to a great blog written by Andrew Jobling - his articles are published on a Sunday morning - great timing for a little bit of reflection I find, and even though some weekends I never manage to open the email, I always find time in the week so go and have a read.  Last week it read ....

From now on ...

  • When there is an opportunity to do something you haven’t done before – say ‘yes’.

  • When someone invites you to a seminar, workshop or information evening – say ‘yes’.

  • When there is an chance to confront a fear – say ‘yes’

  • Stop procrastinating on things you have always wanted to do and – say ‘yes’. 

Great words!

IMG_3378So onto this month's task was to Take Action.  As I had just started a new full time job with a fair bit of travelling every day it seemed sensible that planning and time management was a good Action for me to concentrate on this month.

Its worked out well, good in fact, consistently being organised is how I like to be, and I think for most of the month that is what happened.  There was the odd hiccup here and there, and some difficult decisions had to be made (I stopped running card classes in the evening and therefore decided I won't be attending one of the highlights of the year the Stampin' Up! Convention) but I am surprising myself by being okay with this - letting go of the superwoman cape that has been strangling me for so long, has been very uplifting - not boring like I thought it would be.

Can't wait to see what's in store for April.

Have a happy and healthy month and I'll see you next time.  Time to hop along to visit Michelle






Missus Wookie said...

Hanging up that superwoman cape is hard work isn't it? Hope you continue to work on your dreams and plans!

Lee said...

Woo hoo! Sounds like a fabulous month. Good for you and thanks for sharing. I think my cape is in need of packing - thanks for the inspiration :)

michelle said...

I love your vision board!!! I had to go around and ask for magazines from friends because I was afraid of the same thing.
PS. Your blog hop link isn't working.

Cheri said...

yes, that superwoman cape can be a real *itch sometimes! Sounds like the new job and keeping organized around it is working well for you!

Naomi said...

Love that permission to say "YES." Thanks for sharing!

Veronica said...

love that phrase "superwoman cape" ... i think i might have one of those strangling me every now and then too ... combine that with the female guilt thing and well ... you know!!
i like your vision board and congrats on the new job, sounds like life is good, thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

I'm really loving your word for the year. Off to check out Andrew's blog - sounds good. We'll miss you at convention Nikki - we'll pass on any news.

melanie said...

Love that luscious vision board! I so needed to read the "success is not a race, be patient". I'll have to check out Andrew's blog. I really enjoyed reading your post.

Ruth said...

Your mood board is fantastic! I also enjoyed reading your post.

Lisa said...

That damn superwoman cape....it's always butting in where it doesn't belong! Congrats on the new job and kudos to you for really letting your word take shape in your world.